So yeah, this post will probably be a bit boring, quick, and to the point, but I wanted to let all of you know that I am not gone.  I’ve just been run ragged with little time to post. But as the title says, different job!  I no longer worry so much about the parking lot as I’ve moved inside (for the most part – still manage some of the lot some of the time, especially now that the new guy’s gone.)

So what am I doing?  I am a 3rd shift (while the store is closed 🙂 ) stocking and maintenance specialist.  By that, I mean I put shit on shelves and clean shit out of toilets.  Just depends on the night.  But needless to say, my Instagram is going to be taking a dark turn very soon with some public restroom shaming right around the corner.

But alas, I’m beat and ready for a nap.  Take it easy, and just because I’m no longer on the lot that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put’m where they go, damn it!