I’ve got a page dedicated to the other social media outlets I’ll be utilizing for this…cause?  But figured I would take just a few minutes out of my evening (you’re fucking welcome) to explain why and for what each account will be used, just in case you were interested.  Well, shit, even if you weren’t, it’s still why they’re there.  Don’t feel too special, it’s not all about you, ya know?

But I digress (I do that a lot, fucking deal with it,) those other outlets, right?  First off will be Twitter.  My posts to Twitter will be mainly either the random hashtag bullshit of the hour, fleeting thoughts of assholes in the parking lot, or links from my Instagram account shaming random assholes for doing naughty things with carts.

My Instagram will be mainly for shamming assholes (as explained above.)  Before anyone asks, yes, every image on there is in black and white.  This is to avoid giving away which store/plaza the image was taken in.  It is not my goal to bring shame to the stores in question, only to the assholes and shitsluts who do not know how to treat their parking lots.  Again, no names or identifying traits, license plates, or other personal information will be shared.  It’s all in the name of good fun and the hope that our combined shunning will nudge karma to kick some ass.

The Flickr account will simply be fueled by the Instagram with little, if any, different content.  I simply created for anyone who might have Flickr and not Instagram.  You’re fucking welcome.

Disqus, if you’ve never tried it out, is actually a pretty nifty community for discussion.  Once I get my domain (most likely not any time soon,) I’ll be utilizing it for my comment section, but in the mean time, dabble there from time to time in random discussions I find interesting.  Come check it out!  Or don’t, who fucking cares?

And regardless of what platforms you go ahead and follow me on, don’t forget, put’m where they go, damn it!