Done With Drama


Fuck Retail

Let me start by saying, Merry Christmas or Happy Hanuka or a joyous what the fuck ever.  I'm just kidding, fuck off and try being joyful year round instead of needing a fucking excuse to be charitable or thankful.  This... Continue Reading →


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I know I said I'm changing gears, but, we're switching back into YAPLA mode for this one.  Happy holidays, folks.  What a fucking joke that phrase has become.  Any of you working in any kind of service industry probably already... Continue Reading →

Changing Gears

Well hello again, those of you who haven't run away.  I know it's been a while, but, your boy's been through some shit and has had quite a bit of it to sort out.  Now, I'm not promising that I'm... Continue Reading →

Same YAPLA, Different Job

So yeah, this post will probably be a bit boring, quick, and to the point, but I wanted to let all of you know that I am not gone.  I've just been run ragged with little time to post. But... Continue Reading →

I Will Remember You

There are a number of reasons I remember certain customers.  Some, it's for their vehicles.  That nice, classic Mustang convertible with the white leather interior or the vibrant yellow Caddy with the huge chrome rims.  Some cars just turn your... Continue Reading →

Dirty Jobs

We all know the old adage...It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.  Whether it's picking up trash on the side of the road, changing diapers and bedding in an old folks' home, janitorial work, hard, back-breaking manual labor... Continue Reading →

Walmart and Chill…

Walmart, Target, shit, even Kohl's and similar more nichesque (no, it's not a real word, get the fuck over yourself,) department stores...and chill.  Walmart and Chill just had a nice ring to it, so, we went that direction.  Now, let's... Continue Reading →

Kids These Days

When I was still a wee one, just a kid of eight or nine years age, I had already had enough of screaming, unruly children in stores.  Mind you, I'm not talking the average crying baby, the one mom picks... Continue Reading →

Customer Fucking Service

Customer fucking service is one of the most worried about, toiled over, trained, repeated mess of shit to worry about in any retail or service job.  We hear things like 'service with a smile' and 'the customer is always right'.... Continue Reading →

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